Why You Should Choose SigmaPro...

Here are just a few reasons why you should seriously consider SigmaPro for Lean Six Sigma training and consulting, Design for Six Sigma training and consulting, Strategic Planning training and consulting, or Quality Technology training and consulting.

  • Experience.  SigmaPro is lead by the very first Master Black Belt, Dr. Douglas Mader.  If you want to know what works while avoiding pitfalls that have handicapped other organizations, we can help you. 
  • Global Leadership.  SigmaPro maintains offices in many key cities around the world.  Our global team is exceptionally strong in Lean Six Sigma and DFSS training and deployment. 
  • Integrity.  In all that we do, we are committed to conducting our practice in an ethical fashion and to treating our customers, suppliers, and stakeholders in an ethical manner. 
  • Licensing.  SigmaPro maintains several attractive licensing options for clients that seek to deploy Lean Six Sigma, Six Sigma or Design for Six Sigma on a large-scale basis. 
  • Strength & Breadth of Services.  SigmaPro has an exceptional set of training and certification programs with content that has been specialized for service and industrial participants.  SigmaPro also has the ability to rapidly customize its training and certification courses to meet clients’ special needs.  
  • Technology.  SigmaPro can provide robust, technically challenging Lean Six Sigma, Six Sigma or DFSS training using most major statistical packages.  Our innovative and proprietary techniques have also been packaged for ease of learning and implementation. 
  • Reputation.  If you want to know how our clients view our company and services, all you have to do is ask us. 
  • Value.  At SigmaPro, we strive to deliver the best training at the lowest possible cost.  While we may not always be the cost leader, we offer far more than most organizations in terms of integration of our training curriculum with the latest in tools and methods to support Lean Six Sigma, Six Sigma and DFSS deployments. 

If you would like to discuss your needs or to learn more about SigmaPro and its offerings, please contact us.