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Friday , December , 06 2019
You are here : Services  >  Leadership Consulting & Training  >   LDRP200: Leading Organizational Change




Course Reg. Code:


Course Duration:

4 Days

Course Availability:

Public and On-site Courses


Course Description


Many decisions are made in business and organizations with no forethought of how the decisions might impact the organizational processes and the well-being and productivity of the employees. The result is a change initiative that is unsuccessful, disgruntled employees and a dip in productivity and profits.  Change is examined from the human, financial, and technological perspectives. This course uses a business simulation as the basis of learning. Teams of 3-4 examine change management initiatives and develop solutions to problems. The final assignment is to develop and deliver a change management plan to an executive team. Mini-seminars and in-box assignments guide the participants throughout the simulation.


Candidate Qualifications


As part of SigmaPro's supplemental and sustaining curriculum, there are no formal requirements for participation in this training program.  The target population for this seminar is Executives, Champions, Senior Managers, Master Black Belts, Green Belts and Black Belts who wish to plan and execute effective change management initiatives.


Participants Will Learn


  • To define the context setting of Change Management
  • To articulate the reasons change initiatives succeed or fail

  • To describe the best practices of successful organizations

  • To explain and use the ADKAR model

  • To define roles/responsibilities in the project phases

  • To develop a change plan including training and communications

  • To use financial tools to justify or stop change initiatives

  • To interface with all levels in the organization


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