Software Tools for Business Improvement

The following software tools are utilized by SigmaPro in its Lean Six Sigma, Design for Six Sigma, and Six Sigma training and certification programs.  The software tools listed below will also be useful for quality practitioners and other technologists interested in operational excellence.  While SigmaPro mainly utilizes Minitab as its core statistical analysis software, our courses can be delivered using any professional statistical package including:  SigmaWorks Professional, JMP, Statistica and others.  To learn more about the software used in our training and certification programs, click on the appropriate software title.  If you are interested to purchase a copy of any of the packages mentioned below, please contact us.
SigmaWorks Professional (http://www.nextsigma.com/) is a complete software toolbox for Six Sigma, Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) and Lean Sigma. Typical users include: Master Black Belts, Black Belts, Green Belts, project team members, Champions and other practitioners. SigmaPro Inc. utilizes SigmaWorks® Professional by NextSigma Inc. SigmaWorks Professional is a new, state of the art software solution that has been specifically designed for Six Sigma and Design for Six Sigma technologists and managers.  SigmaWorks includes key tools such as: project charter, financial analysis, concept selection matrices, responsibility grid, QFD, FMEA, cause and effect matrix, control plan, Six Sigma metrics, and queuing analysis. SigmaWorks also performs Monte Carlo simulation using the fully featured functionality of Excel and many types of probability distributions. SigmaWorks features a truly world-class nonlinear optimization routine that allows analysts to search for an optimal solution for any scenario that might be modeled. SigmaWorks provides a unique means to allow for a completely seamless flow of information from one tool to the next.
SigmaWorks provides a rich feature set, in terms of technical and non-technical tools and templates, that has been tailored to meet the needs of project team members, green belts, black belts, master black belts, and champions. SigmaWorks allows for the seamless integration of the various tools required by Six Sigma technologists as well as for advanced analytical modeling capabilities utilizing simulation and optimization. SigmaWorks is truly the simplest, easiest to use solution on the market. Six Sigma technologists can maintain all of the templates, tools and results necessary to complete their projects within the same, easy to use Excel workbook and export their results to Microsoft Word.

RiskWizard by NextSigma Inc. (www.nextsigma.com) provides advanced measurement systems and risk analysis as well as statistical tolerancing for Six Sigma, Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) and Lean Sigma. Typical users include: Master Black Belts, Black Belts, Green Belts, project team members, and other technologists. SigmaPro Inc. utilizes RiskWizard by NextSigma Inc. RiskWizard is a software tool that helps Six Sigma technologists, designers, process engineers and others assess the interactive effects of process variation, measurement error and tolerance limits on products or processes. The financial impact of these factors may be computed and sensitivity analysis may be performed in order to make changes to increase the producibility of the system. RiskWizard allows users to create an initial design configuration and analyze the test and measurement performance in terms of standard metrics. It also allows the user to analyze actual test data to determine the true producibility of the product or process under study.  There are two key measures involved in the assessment of the financial impact of test and measurement performance. They are the false failure rate and the false pass rate. RiskWizard computes these risks and provides an easy interface for entering production data. Finally, combining the risk and production data information, RiskWizard calculates the costs due to measurement system error. Traditional measures like Cpk and Gage R&R percent of tolerance do not provide a means of directly computing these costs and are limited in usefulness.

RiskWizard’s cost analysis provides financial performance information that is not provided by measurement routines in traditional statistical analysis software. RiskWizard offers the ability to perform true statistical tolerancing for a product not yet in existence. RiskWizard’s sensitivity analysis capability clearly identifies specific variables for focused improvement efforts. RiskWizard provides standard process capability and gage R&R metrics. RiskWizard allows the user to analyze measurement data from test systems which involve either single or multiple, correlated responses. RiskWizard allows the user to analyze both balanced or unbalanced designs, unlike the measurement routines in the standard statistical packages. Design effects can be random, fixed or a mixture of both thus providing a much more general methodology for assessing test and measurement, producibility and statistical tolerancing analyses, also unlike the standard statistical packages. 

ProcessModel (www.processmodel.com) provides process mapping and discrete event simulation for Six Sigma, Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) and Lean Sigma.  Typical users include:  Master Black Belts, Black Belts, Green Belts, project team members, and other technologists. SigmaPro utilizes ProcessModel as a key component for service Six Sigma.  ProcessModel allows you to examine three basic areas of business process improvement:
Model Creation is the actual building of a model. ProcessModel allows you to easily create a process map or flowchart as well as to assign resources, costs, and cycle time to each step on the flowchart. 
Simulation refers to actually running the model to represent real-life events based on the parameters you defined above. 
Reports, Graphs, & Output Analyses produce the results of the simulation run. With these statistics, you will know exactly what is happening within your process.

Minitab (www.minitab.com) is a statistical and graphical analysis software tool for Six Sigma, Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) and Lean Sigma.  Typical users include:  Master Black Belts, Black Belts, Green Belts, project team members, and other technologists.  SigmaPro utilizes Minitab, an all-in-one statistical and graphical analysis software package.  Trusted by quality professionals worldwide, MINITAB is known for unsurpassed ease-of-use, reliability, and a comprehensive collection of methods including: 

Numerous Plotting Routines 
Basic Statistics 
Analysis of Variance 
Multivariate Analysis 
Time Series 
Exploratory Data Analysis 
Power and Sample Size 
Quality Tools 
Measurement Systems Analysis 
Variables Control Charts 
Attributes Control Charts 
Process Capability 
Distribution Analysis 
Regression with Life Data 
Probit Analysis 
Design of Experiments 
Factorial Designs 
Response Surface Designs 
Mixture Designs 
Robust Designs