Industrial Lean Six Sigma Executive Training and Deployment Planning Workshop

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Program Duration:

1 Day

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Onsite, Public, Online

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Course Description


This 1-day workshop provides manufacturing and industrial executives, champions, senior managers, and Master Black Belts with a background in Lean Six Sigma principles, the business case for Lean Six Sigma deployment, and a detailed coverage of the DMAIC methodology for Lean Six Sigma improvement.  The workshop also covers practical ways to develop, deploy, and sustain a Lean Six Sigma program as well as how to create effective organizational behaviors that will help the Lean Six Sigma program yield demonstrable benefits over an extended time period.


Candidate Qualifications


There are no specific candidate requirements for this course.  Typical participants include executives, directors, senior managers, operations managers, senior technologists, design and process engineers, Master Black Belts and other managers or technologists who wish to learn the benefits of a well-done Lean Six Sigma deployment.


Participants Will Learn


  • The history of Lean Six Sigma and successful deployment methodologies.
  • What the Lean Six Sigma tools are and how they differ from traditional Six Sigma approaches.
  • How to effectively deploy Lean Six Sigma in an industrial organization.
  • How to sustain the Lean Six Sigma program subsequent to deployment.


SigmaPro offers this course at several of its global locations.  If you would like to check when this course will be offered in your area, please check our global events calendar.