Lean Six Sigma Five S (5S) Training Workshop for Service Applications

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Program Duration:

2 Days

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Onsite, Public, Online

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Course Description


SigmaPro'sFive S (5S) training workshop is a key component of SigmaPro’s Lean Six Sigma curriculum.  The focus of the workshop is not only classroom instruction on Five S (5S) principles, but also includes practical application in service or transactional processes. The result is an excellent learning experience that successfully couples classroom training with hands-on application.  It is typical that service and transactional participants will see immediate, tangible results and improved efficiency in the work areas that were addressed during the application portion of the workshop.


Candidate Qualifications


There are no specific candidate requirements for this particular course.  Typical participants include operations managers, senior technologists, process improvement specialists, Master Black Belts, Black Belts and Green Belts from transactional processes organizations.


Participants Will Learn


  • The basic concepts of Five S (5S) within the context of the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC methodology.
  • How the Five S (5S) can be utilized in conjunction with Lean Six Sigma tools to maximize productivity and reduce costs for a service process.
  • How to sustain improvement after Five S (5S) and potentially other Lean Six Sigma principles have been implemented.


SigmaPro offers this course at several of its global locations.  If you would like to check when this course will be offered in your area, please check our global events calendar.