Lean Six Sigma Quick Changeover Training Workshop for Industrial Applications

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2 Days

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Onsite, Public, Online

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Course Description


Many organizations have attempted quick changeover kaizen workshops without ever understanding the underlying principles of Lean Six Sigma or what the expected results should be.  Quick Changeover is a key component of SigmaPro’s Lean Six Sigma training curriculum, and it is a streamlined method to enable the leveling of mixed production.  The goals are to reduce inventory and backlog, improve product and process quality, and improve responsiveness to changes in demand. This Quick Changeover Workshop is modeled after the research of Shigeo Shingo, a renowned specialist in Lean principles.  This Workshop successfully combines classroom training and hands on application of the techniques, assuming that the Workshop takes place at the participant's manufacturing facility or operations center.  Participants are educated in the theory and techniques used to reduce setup times on equipment, machinery and processes. Learning is applied immediately in operations. By using on-site equipment for hands on application during the workshop, participants are able to quickly reduce the setup time in their operation and quantify the time savings. Participants can then share these learnings with others in the organization and assist them to apply these techniques throughout the operation.  Typical results from this class include a 50% to 90% reduction in setup time with minimal or no capital investment. These results are typically obtained within one month of the class.


Candidate Qualifications


There are no specific candidate requirements for this particular course.  Typical participants include operations managers, senior technologists, manufacturing and process engineers, Master Black Belts, Black Belts and Green Belts from industrial and manufacturing organizations.


Participants Will Learn


  • The underlying principles of Quick Changeover and Lean Six Sigma.
  • How to implement Quick Changeover and Lean Six Sigma in leveled and mixed production environments.
  • How to increase responsiveness to changes in customer demand and requirements.
  • How to reduce setup time in manufacturing processes.


SigmaPro offers this course at several of its global locations.  If you would like to check when this course will be offered in your area, please check our global events calendar.