Industrial Lean Six Sigma Mixed Model Flow Training

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2 Days

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Onsite, Public, Online

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Course Description


Only a few organizations are lucky enough to exist in a production environment of stable demand and low product variety.  Most organizations exist in a production environment with a wide variety of products, variable demand, different cycle times, and shared resources.  The Mixed Model Flow Workshop is a key component of SigmaPro’s Lean Six Sigma training curriculum for industrial and manufacturing organizations.  This workshop extends the concepts of value stream mapping to show you how to apply optimize a high-mix, variable demand environment. The content provides a detailed step-by-step methodology that starts with how to analyze an existing “As Is” map for a complex production process and finishes with how to optimize, implement and sustain the “Should Be” process while fully accounting for production complexity.


Candidate Qualifications


There are no specific candidate requirements for this particular course.  Typical participants include operations managers, senior technologists, design and process engineers, Master Black Belts, Black Belts and Green Belts from manufacturing and industrial organizations.


Participants Will Learn


  • How to identify and select product families for optimization in a high-variety, mixed-model environment.
  • How to create a value stream map for multiple products that flow using a “pull” system.
  • How to calculate takt time and cycle time.
  • How to create standard work for a mix of products with varying cycle times.
  • How to create a proper “pull” system in a mixed model environment using shared equipment.
  • How to develop, implement and operate a kanban system and supermarkets.
  • How to set up first-in/first-out (FIFO) queuing systems.


SigmaPro offers this course at several of its global locations.  If you would like to check when this course will be offered in your area, please check our global events calendar.