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Wednesday , December , 11 2019
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SigmaPro Design for Six Sigma Training, Certification & Consulting


Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) is an extremely effective methodology for improving the development of products, processes and services.  It brings tremendous value to design, manufacturing and service organizations that successfully deploy the program.  SigmaPro’s DFSS deployment strategy and curriculum provide a significant competitive advantage to our clients, and this simple fact can be verified by our client references.  The SigmaPro DFSS training curriculum consists of training and certification for all organizational roles required to support successful DFSS deployment.
SigmaPro has developed and refined separate curricula for application of DFSS to industrial design scenarios as well as to service or transactional design scenarios.  Technical and process design personnel receive a thorough grounding in probabilistic design, requirements definition, qualitative decomposition, risk mitigation techniques, and test & validation tools and methods.  Product and process design managers and executives are receive hands-on knowledge and tools to assist in implementing, maintaining and managing a DFSS-based development process. Portfolio optimization, identification and selection of Design for Six Sigma projects, the DMADV methodology for DFSS projects, as well as a full suite of qualitative and quantitative tools supported by software round out the SigmaPro DFSS program.  We have published several papers in various journals that detail selected components of our Design for Six Sigma methodology.  To view any of the descriptions for our DFSS training and consulting offerings, please click the appropriate course title.  SigmaPro offers exceptional value in both on-site and public training and certification courses.  Please call or email us for a quotation or if you have further questions.